Just A Few Of Our Retail Bulk Products

Mineral sod
Bedding Mix
Washed Sand
A-Base Gravel
3/4" & 1.5" Black Granite
3/4" Puple Granite
3/4" & 3/8" Limestone
Pea Gravel
3/4" Washed Stone
1-3" Round River Rock
over sized rock
Black wood mulch
Red Woodmulch
Brown Woodmulch
Gold wood mulch
Natural Wood Mulch
Pond Liner
Paver Lights
Barkman Concrete Products
Allan Block Concrete Products
Landscape Fabric
Small Deliveries
Large Deliveries
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We specialize in providing Westman and the surrounding area with the highest quality landscape materials including soil amendments and mulches for all of your gardening, landscaping and growing needs.


Since 2008 Alternative Landscaping Ltd. has been supplying & saving our customers valuable time and money by

offering a complete line of quality landscape products at competitive prices.


You, the customer, are able to come and pick up whatever materials you need for your next landscaping job.

Whether it be large or small.  We have all the supplies and expertise under one roof.


Use our handy cubic yard calculator to determine how much material you need for your yard.

 Please note that we would add approximately 20% of overall material for compaction.





Bulk supply yard hours



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