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You now can shop online for all our retail products, click on the button below to see all our products available in store, curbside pick up, or local free delivery daily.



Come join in the fun at one of our workshops!  Don't like the date or theme of one of the workshops?  Lets customize it for you and your group!

Custom Potting

We also do custom potting for ALL seasons. All that you need to do is pick the pot and the plants or even just the colour and we will plant or design it for FREE.

Click here to access our Lechuza catalog (self watering planters).


Our Garden Store is a gardener’s paradise and the garden centre has even more items to make your home your own. This quaint space is filled with unique items for your home and your garden spaces as well as a number of other intriguing products that are only found here in Westman.

If you are looking for plants, we have hundreds of varieties of flowers, herbs, vegetables, annuals, perennials, house plants, tropical, shrubs, and trees. Plus, all of the landscaping materials and accessories – like topsoil, fertilizer, sand, gravel, peat, rock, wood mulch, and more – to go along with any planting or project.

Perhaps even more important, you can gain knowledge from one of our gardening experts!

Lechuza Self Water Planters

The green house has the Lechuza brand of self-watering planters exclusively in Westman.

These planters provide water to the roots of plants, therefore saving water. You get the convenience of not having to water every day - an indicator shows the level of water in the reservoir.
The planters come in many different sizes and can be used indoors and outdoors. The liners can be lifted out, making them very portable, and are interchangeable so you can easily change colours.

Click here to access our Lechuza catalog (self watering planters).

Festive Season

Our Winter Wonderland at the Garden Centre is absolutely beautiful: filled with white twinkling lights and festive decorating throughout. Our gift store has something for everyone; home décor, tropical house
plants, decorations for trees and fresh cut Christmas trees.

Come visit our Garden Centre, Festive Season, during the months of November and December.

Barkman Concrete Products

Among Barkman's high-quality products are paving stones and blocks that can be used for places like walkways, driveways, flower beds, and patios.

These blocks can also be used for water features including fountains, ponds, streams and waterfalls. Alternative is a direct dealer for all of your Barkman needs

Landscape Retail Materials

You, the customer, are able to come and pick up whatever materials you need for your next landscaping job whether it be large or small. We have all the supplies and expertise under one roof.

What makes Alternative different than any other dealer of landscape materials in the Westman area?

This is what we do! We install these products every day, and have been for many years. Our staff is very knowledgeable in this area.

We can assist you in your project by designing it for you, giving you ideas or just answer any questions you might have for your next landscaping project whether you are doing it yourself or having us do it for you. We carry a variety of items that can enhance anything from the smallest of balconies to the largest of lawns.

 Alternative has done the research to find and get great high-quality products. Commercial-grade materials we use in our installations are available for anyone to purchase. If we use it, we sell it.

We specialize in providing Westman and the surrounding area with the highest quality landscape materials including soil amendments and mulches for all of your gardening and landscape needs.

We specialize in providing Westman and the surrounding area with the highest quality landscape materials including soil amendments and mulches for all of your gardening, landscaping and growing needs.

Since 2008 Alternative Landscaping Ltd. has been supplying and saving our customers valuable time and money by offering a complete line of quality landscape products at competitive prices.